Old but gold

Like I've said in the first post of this new blog (Hello, Wolrd!), I've already attended a dozen of events as speaker. I'm preparing a couple of new articles to post, but meanwhile, this article is to share a bit about my talks in these last years.

Managing e-commerce systems codebase with git

Yes, another talk about Git. One of my favorite subjects after software architecture is software version control and Git, of course, is just amazing. I could talk day about it but, at this opportunity, I gave only a talk of 50 minutes at my first experience as speaker outside of Brazil.

Did you really `got Git? In this presentation for E-commerce at Scale meetup, I talk about why choose Git over other version control systems, Git Flows and also some very useful but not so popular Git features.

Building CLI applications with Symfony Console

At PHPConference Brazil, in 2015, I've talked about PHP CLI applications and Symfony Console. The talk was pretty much introductory, where I've basically covered the Symfony Console get started documentation. The special part of the talk was the live coding and when I've asked the attendees about CLI applications ideas.

PHP7, better & faster

For the second year in a row, this time at the main track of the event (Stadium Track), I've talked about PHP at TDC. Talk about PHP7 was easy and a pleasure. It was a thrilling experience talk about the new features of the language, going deep on the internal implementation of the language engine.

PHP7 will have the most significant changes in the language since PHP 5.2 to 5.3. New features, better consistency and (100%) performance improvement are just some of the highlights.

Software development flow using Git

At the Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre (FLISOL 2015, in English Latin American Festival of Installation of Free Software) I've talked about Git and Git workflows.

Boosting your online presence

Back in 2014, I've attended the Google Developer Group (GDG) at São Carlos - SP in Brazil to present and discuss a how Google technologies were helping the company I was working for to reach more clients and perform better as a software consultancy company.

Lecture held at an event organized by the Google Developer Group (GDG) and Google Business Group (GBG) of São Carlos. Some Google tools are presented and how they are used by Aptor Software. A cost-benefit analysis is done to pay attention to the costs of licensing small business tools and startups.

No English version yet... but I will share it soon.

Developing and implementing PHP applications using Docker

Well, this was my first talk in a big event. This back in 2014 at The Developers Conference São Paulo (TDC 2014). It was an amazing experience speak there and my talk was about Docker. I've explained (and introduced Docker) at the PHP track and the feedback was very gratifying. The talk starts with a contextualization about how Docker was conceived taking advantage of multiple Linux Kernel functionalities, goes on with tips about containers in PHP world and finishes with some motivation/provocation with the intent of bringing PHP developers to containerization world.

Unfortunately, I'd never put effort to translate it into English but I will do it eventually. =)

More to come!

Yes, definitely. I still need to add the other dozen of talks I've given at workshops, college and professional conferences, meetups, courses, etc. Very soon I've also planned to add the English versions for the talks at this moment are only in Portuguese. I hope this content helps someone. If not as a learning source at least as inspiration or encouragement to speak at events. It's a bit scaring sometimes but you will get used to it... and it's really fun.

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