Bruno Ricardo Siqueira

I am an accomplished software development manager, with over fourteen years of internet, software programming and management experience in both Brazil and Ireland. I have pursued and successfully built and led teams to build web systems, APIs, e-commerce platforms and enterprise applications, primarily in PHP but also in Java, Python, Ruby and NodeJS, following programming best practices, software standards and design patterns.

I am currently employed as a Web Development Manager at HubSpot, a multinational company developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, with more than 73400+ customers and present in 120+ countries. I am responsible for managing agile web development teams and mentoring web developers to deliver high-quality software and IT systems in order to meet business goals.

I'm really into agile methodologies and believe that we need to build and deliver incrementally. I feel very comfortable and motivated to lead and manage software development teams to deliver great products.

In my experience, leadership is not about being more experienced with a set of technologies, it's about being able to motivate peers and enabling them to perform. Although technical experience and expertise are very important, soft skills are also critical qualities of a good leader with empathy being, in my opinion, the most important of all.

On my spare time, I love to go hiking, travel, play video games, watch movies and series, read and code... yeah, I love software programming.

What I Do

Team leadership

In multiple opportunities in my professional career, I have managed development teams. Although technical leadership and people management are not the same things, these roles share important aspects: they require inspiring leaders and dedicated mentors, which are willing to help their teams to grow.

Software and Systems Architecture

As a Software Engineer and Technical Lead, a great part of my work is to plan services evolutions, design new systems and give feedback to other developers design or solutions. To be able to create, design, drive and give feedback about software solutions, I'm always looking at the market and our field literature, following best practices and pursuing a balance between innovation, stability, agile deliveries and good quality software.

Web Development

As a senior software developer, my main expertise is to create applications and systems for the Web. Working with Web Services, SOAP APIs, REST APIs, Web Systems Integrations, ESBs, SOA and microservices, I have accumulated solid knowledge in object-oriented programming principles in practice, design patterns, continuous integration, continuous delivery, databases, *nix systems administration, multiple programming languages, computer networks, network protocols, and the Web in general.

Agile Methodologies

From my experience I've learned something very important: Web-based or web-related companies need to be agile in the freaking fast-paced Digital Market. SCRUM, Xtreme Programming, LEAN, KANBAN are the way to go if a software development or digital company wants to survive, innovate and not only deliver good software but amazing products.

Open Source Evangelist

Being an experienced Linux and PHP user, I'm really connected with the Open Source Community. I'm a founder of PHPSanca (PHP User Group in São Carlos - SP - Brazil), a proud member of PHPSP (PHP User Group in São Paulo - SP - Brazil) and currently a PHPDublin evangelist. I'm also always trying to participate somehow in OSS initiatives that I like, either sharing pet projects at Github, code reviewing pull requests, beta testing and providing feedback, or just spreading the word about a good OSS tool/software that I like.

Microservices and SOA

Enterprise Web Systems are more service-oriented than ever. I've worked on projects to break down big monolithic systems into smaller and domain-specific services and I fall in love with it. Microservices and SOA can have a lot of advantages, but also big draw-backs. Finding good strategies and how to make the whole platform do not become a distributed monolith is the kind of challenge that moves me.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Release software to production is a challenge that always interested me. For the last 5 years, I've been helping my teams, from work and from the OSS community, to implement better SDLC and CI/CD strategies. CircleCI, Jenkins, Chef, Github, Gitlab and other tools are some of the tools which I have experience with.

Love for IT and all its challenges

Loving what you do helps a lot! From technical solutions to design and products to deliver, passing by prioritization and even enterprise politics, self-motivation and resilience are key factors to master Information Technology field and enjoy its challenges.



14 Years of Experience


Apr/2020 - Present
HubSpot - Dublin, Ireland

Web Development Manager

Helping HubSpot to shape its digital strategy by coordinating, inspiring and managing cross-functional agile teams to deliver cutting edge web technologies, fostering an inclusive environment for brainstorming, ideation and creating best in class web experiences.

Aug/2019 - Mar/2020
Smartbox Group - Dublin, Ireland

Software Development Manager

Managing agile teams, with different methodologies depending on the project and team context. Member of the Architecture Board of the company helping systems architects and senior engineers to design solutions and services introductions.

Aug/2017 - July/2019
Smartbox Group - Dublin, Ireland

Technical Lead/Manager

Technical Lead/Manager of agile teams. Helping the company to evolve and build its new vision for its Web Systems and Services, migrating its monoliths towards a more scalable service-oriented stack. Delivering and improving the monitoring tools and techniques used by multiple web development squads. Analysing the new CI/CD challenges coming with the SOA adopted by the company and helping the Operations Engineering team to build the necessary strategies and tooling.

May/2016 - Jul/2017
Smartbox Group - Dublin, Ireland

Senior Software Engineer

Working in a large scale E-commerce platform building API integrations, microservices, Magento Enterprise modules and PHP applications with high availability. Member of the company's Systems Architecture Committee to help the company design its systems and technical solutions. Member of the company's Code Quality Committee to drive programming best practices across software development teams.

Jan/2015 - April/2016
CI&T - Campinas, Brazil

Senior Software Engineer

Member of a High-Performance Team working with PHP and Drupal development in the creation of systems and web portals with a high demand of visitors.
Contributions to highlight: helped the team to consolidate a Git flow strategy and implemented content staging logic to publish products to production in steps with content UAT, using Drupal and PHP libraries to integrate with a Product Information Management system.

Jan/2015 - April/2016
Motorola - Campinas, Brazil

Senior Software Engineer

Working at CI&T exclusively in Motorola's projects, member of an outsourced High-Performance Team, developing its new platform generation of content managers and global e-commerce.

Nov/2012 - Dec/2014
Aptor Software - São Carlos, Brazil

Hands-on Development Coordinator

After a while acting as a Hands-on Software Development Manager, I took the challenge of focusing more in the technical leadership and assumed the role of Development Coordinator, with a mission to technically advise developers, motivate adoption of new technologies, make technical decisions, make critical developments and monitor the work of the development team. In this transition, I planned and executed the deployment of our new development methodology, using Vagrant (Virtualization) and Git, to increase the standardization of our development environment and testing.

Jul/2010 - Out/2012
Aptor Software - São Carlos, Brazil

Hands-on Software Development Manager

Managing the Web Systems Development team and the Game Development team. Coordination and supervision of internship programs (more than 10 interns). Full participation in projects ranging from planning, implementation and maintenance, using modern techniques of agile development and project management with Scrum methodology.

Aug/2009 - Jun/2010
Aptor Software - São Carlos, Brazil

Consultant & Web Developer

Consultancy in construction and usage of various web platforms such as: online journal​s publishing, events systems, project management systems, ​CRM​ systems, among others.

Jan/2009 - Jul/2009
Virgos IT - São Carlos, Brazil

Software Developer

Development of VoIP and SMS applications using PHP.

Jun/2006 - Dec/2009
MUNDO10 - São Carlos, Brazil

Web Developer / Partner

Development of the portal for entertainment and event coverage as well as partner sites, reaching the CTO position of the startup.


2009 - 2014
ICMC - USP - University of Sao Paulo

Bachelor of IT Systems

Activities and Societies: Creator of a group of application developers for Google and Facebook (currently inactive) called GooFacers. Participation in events related to technology university as weeks of computing, programming and seminars on entrepreneurship.

2013 - 2013
EESC - USP - University of Sao Paulo

Agile Management Course

Agile Management and Product's Vision in Project Development of Innovative Product extesion course.

2012 - 2012
ICF Institute

CEO of the Future

Personal and professional development course, with coaching methodologies ministered by HR specialists. Development of social action together with the NGO Anjos da Noite managing to renovate the kitchen of the NGO which makes food to donate to the homeless of São Paulo.


People Management and Development


Software/Systems Architecture, SOLID, Design Patterns


SCRUM, LEAN, KANBAN, Agile Methodologies


API's Development




Symfony, Zend Framework, Laravel, Drupal, Magento


Node.js (Express), Java (prior experience)


Linux, Bash Scripting


Git, SVN, CI/CD and SDLC strategies


Chef, Ansible, Vagrant, Docker


MySQL, PostgreeSQL


MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Redis


ELK, New Relic and monitoring strategies



My texts and articles about software engineering and architecture, technology in general, agile methodologies and IT related subjects


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